Sahara Services – Coronavirus Surveillance

The Coronavirus disease has created a stir with its increased global transmission over the past few months. Based on the observed epidemiologic characteristics, everyone in the population is assumed to be susceptible, although there may be risk factors increasing susceptibility. The virus spreads rapidly, and can have an enormous public health impact with substantial fatal outcomes in high-risk groups.

As an organisation we are extremely concerned for each one of you and taking this as issue of paramount importance to ensure measures that are appropriate and proportionate to each phase of the epidemic are immediately put in place to interrupt human to-human transmission chains, prevent further spread to reduce the intensity of the epidemic.

The risk of acquiring the disease form people travelling/resident in areas with no cases, or multiple imported cases, or widespread local transmission, is a major concern. In order to ensure to ensure proper checks in place we are activating surveillance within Sahara Services to monitor this situation.

All employees / relatives/ family members / friends / partners who have travelled overseas in last 14 days are requested to report to Sahara Head office. We are not putting any staff in isolation, but it’s a preventative strategy for us to ensure we are keeping you and others safe from any plausible healthcare seeking behaviour.