Sahara Services – Covid19 Protocol

To All Employees,
This document summarises interim recommendations for surveillance, infection control and contact management for Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in place effective immediately.

  • Any staff displaying symptoms of illness will be sent back home to be tested for good by the General Physician (Symptoms like, Fever, Body ache, Coughing & sneezing)
  • A clearance certificate from doctor will be good enough to resume your services
  • Any confirmed case of Covid-19 or in contact with a confirmed case will need to self-isolate and undergo proper medication and diagnosis
  • The staff during this period will not be asked to perform any official duties
  • Admission to workplace will be allowed only post a clearance certificate given by the doctor
  • Some people may have pre-existing illnesses with chronic respiratory signs or symptoms, such as cough. For these people, the treating medical practitioner should make an assessment and a clearance certificate will be required
  • Where local transmission of COVID-19 is thought possible, a thorough review of contributing environmental factors will be done (Including Locality, area etc.)

We at Sahara Services, is closely keeping an eye on the existing situation and executing our preventative plans based on current knowledge of the situation.

Sahara Services management will review and update these recommendations as required as new information becomes available on the situation.

All the laid guideline information for preventative control by Sahara Services is not intended to be a substitute for advice from other relevant sources including, but not limited to, the advice from a health professional. Clinical judgement and discretion may be required in the interpretation and application of these guidelines.