Olivia’s Story: Confidence and Growth

Individual support for people with disabilities sahara services hornsby NDIS provider

Meet Olivia, the admin superstar, who has undergone an incredible journey of confidence and personal growth at Sahara Services. Starting off as a shy and unconfident individual, Olivia has blossomed into a self-assured and capable professional.

When Olivia joined Sahara as an admin assistant, she felt anxious and lacked confidence in her abilities. She never imagined herself answering phone calls or handling simple tasks. However, with the support and guidance of her colleague, Maan, Olivia’s transformation began.

Maan, her lovely receptionist partner, became Olivia’s mentor and cheerleader. Whenever Olivia had doubts or questions, Maan was there to provide assistance and encouragement. Through their teamwork, Olivia gained the confidence to handle phone inquiries and even dealt with irate callers with composure.

Olivia’s growth extended beyond her receptionist duties. She embraced learning opportunities and eagerly sought knowledge about various office tasks, such as purchasing and organising supplies. She became an integral part of the team, actively contributing to the smooth functioning of the office.

The supportive and inclusive work environment at Sahara Services played a vital role in Olivia’s journey. The team always value her contributions and makes her feel included in every aspect of their work. Olivia developed a strong sense of belonging.

Today, Olivia’s infectious enthusiasm and positivity make her a beloved member of the Sahara team. Her journey is a testament to the power of confidence and personal growth. Through dedication and support, Olivia has overcome her initial doubts and is thriving in her role.
Olivia’s story serves as an inspiration to others, reminding us that with determination and a nurturing environment, anyone can achieve their full potential. Sahara is honoured to have Olivia as a colleague in the office and serve her as a Supported Independent Living and Community Activity client.