Smriti Sahni

Director & Co-founder

Meet Smriti Sahni, the Director of Sahara Services Australia, who has been driving innovation and care in disability services for over 15 years. With a strong desire to support children, families, and individuals in need, Smriti established Sahara Services, providing opportunities for people to live their best lives in comfort and security.

Smriti is a woman of many endeavours and is currently pursuing professional credentials in Governance. Her qualifications include a Diploma in Case Management, Certification in Health and Disability Sector, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design.

With her can-do attitude, Smriti fearlessly accepts limitations, challenges, obstacles and constraints that come her way, leading the Sahara team to deliver the full benefits of their service with passion and dedication.

The sense of achievement from her team, the smiles from people with disabilities, or even a small word of appreciation from families all fulfil Smriti’s purpose in what she does, renewing her passion to do even more for people. She views humanity through a spiritual lens due to her empowering ethnic background, believing that as humans, we are responsible for creating a better world for each other.

Smriti’s unwavering dedication to her work, coupled with her qualifications and can-do attitude, make her an inspiring leader in the disability services industry. Her passion for improving the lives of others is contagious, and her commitment to excellence is reflected in the exceptional services provided by Sahara.

Rajiv Sahni

Director & Co-founder

Rajiv is the director (Finance & Assets) and co-founder of Sahara Services. He is an engineer by profession but his passion to bring better lives for everyone brought him into the community sector. He has contributed more than 18 years to disability. Raj is in charge of Business Operations, Finance & Asset Management and brings in-depth knowledge and great business acumen.