At our organisation, we have a set of values that we live by every day.

These values are more than just words on a page; they inspire us to create positive change, build strong relationships, and achieve great things. Together, these values inspire us to be the best we can be, to create positive change in the world, and to build relationships that are based on trust, kindness, and respect. We are proud of our values, and we are committed to living them every day.



We believe in the power of community. We know that together, we can make a difference, create opportunities, and challenge biases. We are committed to building inclusive communities that embrace diversity, encourage collaboration, and make a meaningful impact.



Trust is the foundation of all our relationships. We strive to build trust through transparency, honesty, and caring, respectful interactions. We believe that trust is earned, and we are committed to earning the trust of our stakeholder’s, participants, and colleagues every day.



At our organisation, we are kind. We consistently act with integrity, apply strong ethics, and advocate for what is right with kindness. We believe that kindness is reciprocal, and we are committed to creating a culture of kindness that extends beyond our organization and into the world.



We are passionate about what we do. We are curious, innovative, committed to adding value where we can, and focused on positive outcomes. We believe that passion is inspiring, and we are committed to inspiring passion in others. We are compassionate and creative, and we believe that with passion, anything is possible.