Ryan is a participant of Sahara services

Ryan’s Story: Finding Safety and Friendship

Get ready to meet Ryan, one of the amazing participants in Sahara Services’ Supported Independent Living and Community Group Activities program. Ryan’s journey is all about finding comfort, building friendships, and feeling like he belongs.

Mathew’s Story: Living Life on His Own Terms

Meet Mathew, a supported independent living and community participation client of Sahara Services. He has been living with his housemates for a while and he shared his experience in a video. Mathew’s life is all about happiness, adventure, and dreams. In a lovely chat with his Team Leader, Nherrie, Mathew shared his experiences and dreams.

Su Yeun’s Story: Sharing Passion through Her Work

Meet Su Yuen Lee, a warm and talented Program Facilitator at Sahara Services. With a background in teaching art and a passion for creativity, Su brings a unique blend of skills and enthusiasm to her role.

David’s Story: Supporting and Nurturing Connections

Meet David, a Support Worker at Sahara Services. He has been with the organisation for about a year and a half, and he couldn’t be happier. David truly enjoys looking after the participants he works with – they are wonderful people who bring so much happiness.

Individual support for people with disabilities sahara services hornsby NDIS provider

Lizzie’s Story: Thriving through Individual Support

Meet Lizzie, one of the participants of the Individual Support service at Sahara Services, and her dedicated support worker, Priya. Lizzie is an independent woman, and she thrives with the assistance of her support worker.

Discover Grace Eu's inspiring journey of building an inclusive community in disability support services. Embrace diversity and collaboration for positive impact.

Grace’s Story: Building a Collaborative Community

In the bustling world of disability support services, one woman’s journey shines brightly as a testament to the power of passion, determination, and collaboration. Meet Grace Eu, the General Manager of Sahara Services Australia, whose unwavering dedication has touched the lives of countless individuals and families, making a remarkable impact on her community.

Individual support for people with disabilities sahara services hornsby NDIS provider

Olivia’s Story: Confidence and Growth

Meet Olivia, the admin superstar who has undergone an incredible journey of confidence and personal growth at Sahara. Starting off as a shy and unconfident individual, Olivia has blossomed into a self-assured and capable professional.

Raiza’s Story: Journey of Discovery to Opportunity

In this inspiring story, we delve into the incredible journey of Raiza Lu, who is the Operations Manager at Sahara Services Australia. Raiza manages her teams of Supported Independent Living and Community Activities services. Raiza’s story revolves around her passion for creating opportunities for people with disabilities and her dedicated team.

Nherrie’s Story: The Power of Presence

Meet Nherrie Pillay, an exceptional Accommodation Team Leader of Sahara Services, as she takes you on a transformative journey of holistic care and participant support. With a background as a registered nurse, Nherrie understands the importance of being present for participants, truly listening to their physical and spiritual needs, and creating a safe space for them to be heard.