Mathew’s Story: Living Life on His Own Terms

Meet Mathew, a supported independent living and community participation client of Sahara Services. He has been living with his housemates for a while and he shared his experience in a video. Mathew’s life is all about happiness, adventure, and dreams. In a lovely chat with his Team Leader, Nherrie, Mathew shared his experiences and dreams.

“I have the best team leader in the world,” Mathew happily said when asked about living at Dural SIL House. At his house, Mathew loves riding bikes and being a grill master. He’s not just good at cooking; he’s also a bit of a handyman, always eager to fix things.
When it comes to fun activities, Mathew is all in. He takes part in different group activities and even enjoys car racing. Nherrie noticed, “You’re a bit of a mechanic because you try to fix all the time. Mathew happily agreed.
Mathew has great things to say about Sahara Community groups, especially Su, Program and Art Facilitator, who supports him. “Su is the best,” he says proudly. The Sahara team helps Mathew with daily tasks like making his bed and shopping, making his life easier.
On Fridays, Mathew enjoys one-on-one activities and attends art classes. He’s got many talents and even had a concert last year where he played music.
Mathew’s love for Sahara Services is clear. “Thank you for helping me grow,” he says. “I’m in good hands with Sahara.”
Mathew dreams big, hoping to work for Sahara someday and become a Team Leader. “One day, I’ll work for Sahara. I want to be a Team Leader,” he says with confidence.