Frontline Practice Leadership Training and Introduction to Leading People with Gail Jeltes

The opportunity to engage in Frontline Practice Leadership Training and Introduction to Leading People with Gail Jeltes has been an exciting journey for our Operations Leadership Team. This transformative experience has been focused on enhancing our frontline practice leadership and nurturing our abilities as effective leaders.

The training journey commenced with a comprehensive refresher on the 8 domains of quality of life and person-centered active support. By revisiting these essential principles, our leaders were reminded of the core values that underpin our commitment to providing the highest quality care to our participants. The training sessions provided invaluable insights into the best practices for encouraging and coaching our dedicated DSWs to deliver person-centered active support that truly enriches the lives of those we support.

As part of our journey, we explored a range of practical tools and techniques to conduct observations and ask open-ended questions during our interactions with DSWs. By adopting this approach, we empower our support staff to reflect on their practices and continuously strive for improvement. This reflective process has proven instrumental in enhancing the engagement and well-being of our participants, as our DSWs consistently seek ways to optimise the quality of care they provide.

The Operations Leadership Team also had the privilege of receiving personalised 1:1 coaching sessions alongside the training sessions. These individualised conversations with Gail Jeltes allowed us to delve into specific challenges and areas for personal growth. Through these targeted discussions, we gained valuable insights into our leadership styles and identified opportunities for further development. The coaching approach encouraged us to be introspective, to understand our strengths, and to acknowledge areas for improvement. This unique opportunity for personal growth has not only strengthened our leadership capabilities but also fostered a deeper sense of camaraderie and trust among our team.

In the Introduction to Leading People, we dived deep into understanding the powerful impact of language on our perception of the world. Through this newfound awareness, we emerged as more self-aware leaders, recognising how our communication profoundly influences our teams’ dynamics and overall success. By embracing the concept of servant leadership, we have nurtured a culture of support, collaboration, and empowerment within our organisation.

Trust emerged as a central theme in our exploration of leadership. Understanding the importance of trust in every team, we embraced a culture of open communication and mutual respect. By fostering an environment where team members feel valued and heard, we have seen an exponential increase in team cohesion and overall productivity. As servant leaders, we prioritise the growth and well-being of our team members, empowering them to thrive both personally and professionally.

Our Frontline Practice Leadership Training and Introduction to Leading People experience has significantly enriched our ability to lead with compassion, empathy, and unwavering dedication. By fostering a supportive and growth-oriented work environment, we have witnessed remarkable outcomes for our participants, who are at the heart of everything we do. The knowledge and skills gained during this journey continue to shape our organisation, as we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing exceptional support and services to our participants.

Blog Author – Raiza Lu (Operations Manager)