Holiday Getaway for People with Disability

People with disability are often left out of the holiday season. This is because they may not have the access to proper carer, accessibility and right peers to go out with. Our holidays are designed to give the best quality experience to our participants. This way, they are able to experience all the joys of travelling without worrying about accessibility, safety and right care. Check out the upcoming getaway below:

Snowy Mountain Experience

Are you ready for an unforgettable winter getaway? Join us on a thrilling three-day, two-night trip to the Snowy Mountains, where adventure awaits! Our carefully curated package includes accommodation in the picturesque town of Jindabyne, exhilarating ski and snowboard lessons in Thredbo, and a delightful detour to Canberra. Get ready to create lifelong memories in the snowy wonderland!

Hear what our participants are saying……….

“The holiday was a very good experience overall. We enjoyed it. The fun part is everyone was chanting with excitement “Shoal Bay, Shoal Bay” every day whenever we were driving or visiting one place to another, and even on that day returning to Sydney. It was really funny.”

– Sahara Participant on Shoal bay Getaway

Why Join Sahara’s Social Group Activities?

  • Full of Fun.
  • Explore new things.
  • Make friends and memories.
  • Qualified, friendly and supportive carers to support you throughout the activities.
  • Tailored 1:1 activity according to your preferences.
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