David’s Story: Supporting and Nurturing Connections

Sahara Services Disability Service provider inclusive community activities

Meet David, a Support Worker at Sahara Services. He has been with the organisation for about a year and a half, and he couldn’t be happier. David truly enjoys looking after the participants he works with – they are wonderful people who bring so much happiness.

Being a support worker is a privilege and a joy for David. He gets to journey through life with the participants, helping them grow and learn as they strive to live independently and engage with the community. One of David’s favourite parts of his job is taking the participants out to various activities. It’s fulfilling for him to see them develop their independence outside of their homes.
David admires one-on-one interaction and personalised care within the organisation. He appreciates that everyone in the head office knows the participants and the staff, creating a special bond and understanding.

David believes in building strong relationships with the participants. He intentionally remembers conversations they’ve had and asks about their families, events, and activities they are interested in. He sees himself not only as their support but also as their friend. Being there for them and providing support is incredibly important to him.

The support and teamwork within Sahara Services are exceptional. David can always count on his team leaders for help and guidance, even when he’s out working in the community.
David finds his job very rewarding. He loves visiting the houses he hasn’t been to in a while and witnessing the participants’ excitement upon seeing him. Catching up with them and witnessing their growth brings him immense joy and satisfaction.
The growth he has witnessed in the participants is truly remarkable. Their artistic abilities have soared, and David couldn’t be prouder. Seeing them develop their skills within Sahara Services is a testament to their dedication and resilience.