Su Yeun’s Story: Sharing Passion through Her Work

Meet Su Yuen Lee, a warm and talented Program Facilitator at Sahara Services. With a background in teaching art and a passion for creativity, Su brings a unique blend of skills and enthusiasm to her role.
Having started as a support worker at Sahara Services, Su’s journey has led her to the fulfilling position of Program Facilitator. With over ten years of experience teaching art to children and pursuing her own artistic endeavours, Su found her calling in disability support work as a meaningful and fulfilling job.
Working with Sahara Services, Su feels fortunate to have the opportunity to share her talents and passions with others. Whether running art groups, organising craft sessions, visiting galleries, or engaging in outdoor sketches, Su always considers the individual goals, abilities, and needs of the participants she supports.
One of the aspects Su loves most about Sahara Services is the diverse cultural background of its team and participants. Everyone respects and appreciates each other’s differences, creating an inclusive and enriching environment.
As a program facilitator, Su thoroughly enjoys her work. Collaborating closely with her manager and coordinator, they form a supportive team that helps one another succeed.
If you’re seeking a new and meaningful job where you can share your passion and talent, Su encourages you to knock on the door of Sahara Services. Join the team and make a positive impact in the lives of others, just like Su does every day.