Ryan’s Story: Finding Safety and Friendship

Get ready to meet Ryan, one of the amazing participants in Sahara Services’ Supported Independent Living and Community Group Activities program. Ryan’s journey is all about finding comfort, building friendships, and feeling like he belongs.
When we asked Ryan how he was doing, he greeted us with a cheerful “good.” It’s clear that he enjoys his time spent crafting, especially painting with his favourite colours: blue, pink, green, and red.
Ryan couldn’t hide his excitement about the group activities at Sahara. He loves the Monday group because of the awesome things they do together. One of their recent activities was about ANZAC, which Ryan found really interesting. And guess what? Ryan has plenty of friends in these groups, making his time there even more special.
Speaking of friends, Ryan has a great bond with Andrew. They share lots of laughs and enjoy each other’s company. At Macquarie House, they all have a blast eating dinner together. Tacos are a big hit, and Ryan’s love for food extends to wanting to help out in the kitchen. What a star!
Being surrounded by people he cares about brings Ryan pure happiness. That’s why he loves coming to the hub at Sahara—it’s a safe place where he can say hello to everyone and feel like he’s part of one big family.
Ryan dreams of becoming a support worker at Sahara one day. He wants to learn from someone special, like Bianca, so he can help others with disabilities, just like Sahara has helped him.
Ryan, we’re so grateful that you took the time to share your story with us. Your journey is filled with warmth, friendship, and a deep sense of belonging. Sahars Services is truly making a difference in people’s lives, thanks to participants like you.
Keep shining, Ryan, and continue to embrace the joy and safety that Sahars Services provides. You’re an inspiration to us all!