Lizzie’s Story: Thriving through Individual Support

Individual support for people with disabilities sahara services hornsby NDIS provider

Meet Lizzie, one of the participants of the Individual Support service at Sahara Services, and her dedicated support worker, Priya. Lizzie is an independent woman and she thrives with the assistance of her support worker.

Lizzie works full-time and lives independently in her own home. Although she lives alone, Lizzie is actively seeking a flatmate to share her space. Priya has been working with Sahara Services for a year and has been supporting Lizzie for the past six months.

Every week, Priya assists Lizzie with her daily routine, helping her navigate various aspects of her life. Lizzie follows a structured routine. She wakes up in the morning and gets ready for work, enjoying a pre-prepared breakfast. Lizzie heads out the door, off to her job at the bank. In her free time, Lizzie is an avid bowler, participating in regular bowling sessions with the Rockets team. While she enjoys her bowling activities, she also explores other hobbies like swimming. She used to play netball but decided to take a break after playing for a long time. Her schedule is always filled with engaging activities.

Priya comes to Lizzie’s home in the afternoon with a welcoming smile. They discuss their day, exchange stories, and plan their activities. Together, they create a grocery list, tackle cleaning tasks, and prepare dinner. Lizzie appreciates Priya’s friendly nature and finds comfort in her understanding and supportive presence.

Lizzie values her independence and prefers to handle tasks by herself. However, Priya provides guidance when needed, ensuring Lizzie can accomplish everything she sets out to do. Lizzie actively contributes to household chores such as vacuuming, and cleaning, and even assists Priya in cooking a delicious courgette and mushroom omelette.

Priya’s support has been invaluable to Lizzie’s well-being and happiness. Through Individual Support, Lizzie is on her way to building capacity in her own comfort. Lizzie expresses her contentment and appreciation for having Priya by her side, supporting her through everyday challenges.

Lizzie’s story is a testament to the transformative power of in-home support. With Priya’s assistance, Lizzie thrives, leading a fulfilling and independent life. Sahara Services continues to make a positive impact on individuals like Lizzie, ensuring they can live their lives to the fullest with the necessary support and care.