Creative Fridays: Arts & Crafts Group Sessions

Come and join our Arts & Crafts group at Sahar Hub, where you can explore exciting activities facilitated by a talented artist. This inclusive group welcomes people with disabilities and provides a safe and enjoyable environment for unleashing your creativity. Let’s have fun together and create beautiful works of art!
Age group: 18 and above
Time: 9:30 -14:30
Support Ratio: Depends on the participant’s requirements.

Hear what our families of the participants saying………..

Fantastic service provided by Sahara. The care from the careers is so caring, they go above and beyond.

They have great Saturday outings. My son enjoys going on. At the 3 nights away holiday, he had a brilliant time at the Hunter Valley and he is looking forward to his next 3 nights getaway.

He never stops talking about Sahara and how much he likes being there.

THANK YOU SAHARA for everything and for making my son happy.

Nina Antoun 

Why Join Sahara’s Social Group Activities?

  • Full of Fun.
  • Explore new things.
  • Make friends and memories.
  • Qualified, friendly and supportive carers to support you throughout the activities.
  • Tailored 1:1 activity according to your preferences.
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