Accessing our services

Sahara Services is an approved National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. The NDIS is an Australian Government scheme that funds disability associated costs. The scheme is run by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and is expected to be fully operational across Australian in 2020.

How To Apply For NDIS Funding



Contact the NDIS @ 1800800110 or Click here,



Prepare for your NDIS planning meeting. Consider what assistance you require and what your goals are,



Attend your NDIS planning meeting,



Choose your provider, when your NDIS plan arrives.


Accessing services that will support you to become independent

  • Contact us today on 1800 – 4 – SAHARA,  email us  or through our contact page,
  • Visit the NDIS website to check your eligibility and get a plan,
  • Receive personalized services from us to support you to have more independent lives for yourselves.

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What is included in NDIS funding

The funding in your NDIS plan can include:

  1. Core funding: e.g. funding for daily living assistance and participation,
  2. Capital funding: e.g. one-off items such as equipment and technology,
  3. Capacity funding: e.g. to help build your skills, health and wellbeing.

The inclusions will depend on your planning meeting, needs and subsequent assessment.


How to manage your NDIS plan

Your NDIS plan can be managed in one of the following ways:

  1. By you, or someone you nominate,
  2. A registered plan management provider (e.g. Sahara Services Plan Coordinator),
  3. The NDIS.