Our Social activities includes

At Sahara Services, we provide a range of indoor and outdoor activities in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Opportunities to try new experiences and enjoy activities you love.

Activities can be organised for individuals or as a group outing, and foster inclusion. Transport, carers and support are all organised for you, so you can do more of what you love


Wednesday Cooking

Learn Cooking skills and taste the delicious food.

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Ladies/Men’s Thursday Night

Opportunities to socialize with Friends with the activities of your choice.

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Monday Social group

Connect to your community and explore activities of similar interests.

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Saturday Excursion

Opportunity to explore your own home town with your peers

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School Holiday Program

Opportunities to socialize and explore activities with your peers 

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Hear What others are saying


~ Priya and Sash, Sachin’s parents

“Sahara Services is full of fun, entertainment and is educational in so many ways. The programs are individually designed to suit our son Sachin’s needs and we love the fact it is so flexible. New Year’s celebrations, dancing, rock climbing, beach and city group tours and individual training are some of the highlights. We are so grateful to Sahara Services for their commitment and the love they show our son Sachin. Thank you!”