Celebrating International Women’s Day with Sahara Participants

Sahara Services celebration the vintage secret garden people with disabilities

On March 8th, Sahara Services hosted a special International Women’s Day celebration at The Vintage Secret Garden with participants from their Inclusive Social Activities program. The Wednesday group, consisting of participants from our SIL Residents and community, came together to celebrate this significant day in the global calendar.

We kicked off the event with Alex Grimaldi (Program Coordinator) welcoming all of us and acknowledging the importance of the role of women in society. Our General Manager, Grace Eu then shared the importance of equity and inclusion in our society. She acknowledged the hard work and achievements of women around the world who have fought for peace, justice, equality, and progress.

After the speech, the participants, staff, and guests enjoyed a delightful high tea with delicious food and drinks. The celebration provided a unique opportunity for the participants to share their thoughts and stories on the special women in their lives. One of the participants, P, shared a touching story about his mother’s strength and resilience in raising six children on her own.

The event was co-hosted by Alex Grimaldi, the program coordinator of the Inclusive Social Activities program, and one of the participants. This collaborative approach highlights Sahara Services’ commitment to empowering their participants and involving them in the co-designing of future events and programs.

The Inclusive Social Activities program at Sahara Services is gender-neutral, and all members of the Wednesday group attended the celebration. This event exemplifies Sahara Services’ dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

Sahara Services’ International Women’s Day High-Tea at the serene Vintage Secret Garden was a remarkable experience for all those who attended. It was an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of women around the world and celebrate the women in our lives who have made a significant impact. Sahara Services’ commitment to equity and inclusion was evident in the event’s organisation, and it was inspiring to see participants and staff come together to mark this significant day.

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